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This month, we updated Scholastica's journal profile pages, giving them a more modern look and feel and enhanced in-page editing functionality.

Scholastica manuscript decisions just got revamped. Now decision making is a simple 3-step process, including functionality for editors to edit referee comments.

We've rolled out some great features including: bulk manuscript tagging, the ability for editors to upload files to decision letters, and more.

The Conversation is the destination where scholars in Scholastica can share the latest goings on in academia. Now it's easier for users to spot new Conversation posts and trending topics.

The Todo Dashboard is a collection of your journal's to-dos across all manuscripts. You can drill down into just the tasks assigned to you, or just the tasks you've assigned to others.

Here's the latest on how Scholastica is making your user-experience even better.

Scholastica's public-facing webpages just got a new look! We hope the redesign will improve our user experience, by offering a more comprehensive overview of what we do and why we do it.

Announcing new Scholastica features including editor assignment alerts, submission progress saved as you go, and ability to print reviews and decisions.

You might notice that things are looking a little different on Scholastica. We decided it was time to update our look and improve the site's design.

In an effort to solve issues around revise and resubmit decisions, Scholastica announces a new feature: Automatic revisions for authors on R&Rs.