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Scholastica Screencast: A Look At Distraction-Free Writing Tools (Second Version)

This is the second version of this screencast. It’s been changed to make the text easier to read. Our sincere apologies to everyone who found the original version hard to see.

- Rob

Distraction-free writing tools are rising in prominence in the academic world. There was a GradHacker post a while back that listed some of the these tools. Personally, I enjoy the move to distraction free writing because I hate Microsoft Word. For a variety of reasons. My biggest gripe is there are just too many things on the screen for me to deal with at a time. I just want to write – and without having a small army of toolbar items vying for my attention. The actual text of an MSWord document is NOT the focal point. This is a problem.

The text is not the focal point here

Enter Distraction-Free Writing Software

Distraction-free tools are great for those who just want to write without thinking about such things as playing with margins, getting bogged down in formatting issues, etc.

My favorite distraction-free tools right now are:

  1. Mou
  2. IA Writer

While IA Writer is more pleasant to look at, Mou is my personal favorite. Watch the screencast above as I demonstrate what they’re like, and why I give Mou the edge.

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