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arXiv Integration with Scholastica

Scholastica now enables easy arXiv integration!

We’re been reading (here and here and here) about the serious need for a way for journals to easily plug-in to the existing and trusted science infrasture that’s already out there, namely, so the three of us spent last week developing arXiv integration for Scholastica (see the video for more).

We are open-sourcing the arXiv Ruby gem we built (which is a partial wrapper to the arXiv API), and will continue contributing code to the really awesome arXiv project. Also, thanks to Scott Morrison and Christian Schaffner for their very helpful feedback during the development process.

As journals use this new feature, we’re looking forward to hearing how (and if) they want to automate putting the journal-branded version of the manuscript back on arXiv (e.g. open access journals will probably want this task automated, while journals who depend on subscription revenues probably will want different behavior).

We look forward to your thoughts in the comments, or drop us a line if you want to chat more in depth – we’re always looking for feedback!

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