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As a law professor Angela Kupenda isn't just teaching her students about legal scholarship, she is helping them become legal scholars. In this interview she shares the details.

Scholastica is hosting a bar prep Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with Ashley Heidemann, founder of JD Advising. Attendees will have a chance to win free study tools. Learn more!

Law School Transparency recently released a powerful podcast mini-series titled Women in the Law. In this interview Olympia Duhart, one of the series producers, shares the details of the series, which aims to raise awareness of obstacles women in the legal profession face.

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It's that time of year again - law review boards are transitioning! Here are three things all new teams should do to quickly get acquainted with their internal editorial processes and determine which law review best practices their journal is and isn't already following.

What do JD candidates hope to get from their law degrees? Many aspire to work on social justice issues that matter to them, and they need their law professors' help.

Tips to help you develop your law review note - from brainstorming a topic, to evaluating your theme, and preparing your article for submission.

Barry U. School of Law professor Eang Ngov shared her experience working with student members of ACS to plan and launch the ACS Constitutional Law Forum.

A casebook publisher for the digital age, ChartaCourse offers customizable digital concept charts that contain all the information found in traditional casebooks.

In a recent interview Dr. Andy Schmulow explained the four financial systems in use today, how global outlooks on financial regulation have shifted since the GFC, and his thoughts on the future.