Join Scholastica's law review editors LinkedIn group!

Scholastica has launched a new LinkedIn group for law reveiw editors to share advice pertaining to law review and law school in general. Click here to request access.

As a law review editor you spend countless hours with your editorial board reviewing submissions, editing and preparing articles for publication, organizing your symposium, and making plans for the future of your law review. You likely have little time or opportunities to speak with editors at other law reviews, though.

Would you like to be able to ask other editors from journals of all sizes about the law review lessons they’ve learned that they could pass on to you? How about questions about surviving law school in general and preparing for your future career? We thought so. That’s why we launched Scholastica - Law Review Editors, a closed LinkedIn group to serve as a forum for connecting with editors at other law reviews, asking and answering questions about all things law review, and for sharing advice on life and law school. Click here to request access to the group.

Once you’ve been admitted to the group, we invite you to start fostering discussion. You can pose questions to fellow editors and the Scholastica team, link to resources you’ve found useful for both law review and law school, and share a bit of humor or inspiration to help keep fellow editors motivated!

In addition to the questions and comments posted by law review editors, the Scholastica team will be active in the LinkedIn group sharing the article selection and publishing wisdom we’ve gathered from working with over 500 boards from law reviews around the world.

Look out for frequent Scholastica posts on:

  • Article selection
  • Working with authors
  • Law review promotion
  • Symposia and special topic issues
  • Bluebooking and cite-checking
  • Scholastica new feature updates and pro-tips
  • Free resources on editorial best practices
  • Tips for making the most of law school

Additionally, we’ll be looking for law review teams and editors to spotlight. So, if your journal is working on a special project such as a symposia or website overhaul, or if you have a law review experience or advice you want to share with others, please let us know so we can feature you in a “Scholastica - Law Review Editors” spotlight post.

We’ll also be using this LinkedIn group as a platform to host law review and law school Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. We’ll be sending out announcements to the group for these and other future events. If you have expertise in a particular aspect of law review that editors would be interested in, we invite you to volunteer to do an AMA. You can contact us regarding editor and law review spotlights, AMAs, and any questions about the group by emailing

Be sure to request to join the Scholastica - Law Review Editors LinkedIn group, it will be a great resource to you and your law review board. We invite you to share the group with fellow editors as well.

We look forward to discussing law review with you!