Have you visited yours or another journal’s Scholastica profile recently?

You may have noticed that we’ve made some big changes! We’re always looking for ways to enhance Scholastica’s aesthetic quality and user experience. This month, we updated Scholastica’s journal profile pages, giving them a more modern look and feel and enhanced in-page editing functionality. Read on for the full details!

New mobile-friendly journal profile design

Image: New mobile-friendly design

In addition to a more modern appearance Scholastica’s journal profile pages are now also all mobile-friendly, so editors and authors can easily access journal profiles on the go. The redesigned journal profiles also offer an even more intuitive experience for visitors, especially authors. Now, rather than having to navigate to the “for authors” page to submit to a journal, authors who have their manuscript ready can simply click the red “Submit Manuscript” button located in the top right corner of every journal profile page. Visitors can also quickly access the journal’s submissions instructions, masthead, issues published on Scholastica, and even blog posts from the top navigation.

If you’re an editor of a journal using Scholastica and you haven’t yet tried publishing a blog post on your profile, we encourage you to give it a go! You can use your Scholastica journal profile blog as a place to post journal announcements, such as calls for submissions to a special issue, the publication of a new issue, new additions to your editorial board, and the like. To publish a blog post just go to: My Journals > Publishing > New Blog Post and start writing!

Advanced in-page editing functionality for admin editors

Image: In-page editing funcitonality

In addition to an improved user experience for visitors, the new journal profile includes advanced in-page editing functionality accessible to admin editors. Admin editors can reach their journal profile page to make updates by clicking on the “My Journals” tab in the top navigation of their Scholastica dashboard. From there, click “Journal Profile,” and you’ll be taken straight to your journal’s profile page where you can now make edits! Unlike outside viewers, as an admin editor you will have access to an additional sidebar navigation with links to the “Home,” “For Authors,” and “Editorial Board” profile pages. Upon clicking each page an “Edit page” link will appear below, which you can click to reveal the new in-page text editor.

The new in-page editor makes it quick and easy to edit your:

  • journal description
  • cover image that appears in the list of journals using Scholastica
  • mailing address
  • submissions instructions on the “for authors” page
  • editorial board information

The new and improved text editor will also ensure that you don’t encounter any formatting errors when copying and pasting into the text box. Any text you paste into the editor will be made uniform and ready for you to format as needed. No more annoying spaces that can’t be removed or mismatched fonts as a result of copying and pasting text! To format your text in the new editor just click “How do I add formatting?” and you’ll see how to make your text header case, bolded, italicized, or hyperlinked.

With new in-page editing, as an admin editor you can preview text changes as you make them. Just edit text right in the profile and then click the “preview” button on the new text editor to see what it looks like in real time.

Editing journal details

Image: Edit journal details

Editors can still make changes to their journal details via their “Details” page, which can be accessed by going to My Journal > Settings > Details. From the “Details” page you can update your journal title, publisher name, and short description (shown on the Browse Journals page). You can always adjust additional journal settings, such as whether you’re open or closed, your subject area, and blindness, via the “Configurations Option” under “Settings.”

We hope you enjoy Scholastica’s new journal profile pages! Please feel free to reach out to support@scholasticahq.com with any questions.