This submission season we’ve bulked up Scholastica’s features to help law review editors and legal authors tackle the heavy lifting of manuscript management more efficiently. Whether you’re an editor assigning, allocating, and making decisions on hundreds of manuscripts at a time, or an author looking to submit your manuscript to all journals in a particular category, we’ve made it possible to take action on a larger scale. Because everything’s better in bulk - right?

Bulk assign manuscripts to editors

You know that point in submission season when the flood gate seems to open up, and suddenly the steady stream of manuscripts you were receiving when submissions first started becomes a deluge? Papers start coming in so fast it’s difficult to keep up with assigning them to editors, and as your editors get busier the number of manuscripts that they’re able to work on at one time begins to vary.

Scholastica has always had an auto-assign feature, making it easy for law review editors to assign individual manuscripts to each other. But we recognize that sometimes, when it comes to delegating manuscript assignments, it pays to do things in bulk. That’s why, now when you log onto Scholastica you’ll be able to use the new bulk assign feature to assign multiple manuscripts to individual editors at one time.

To use the new bulk assign feature, simply click on the manuscripts you want to include in your bulk assignment (the ones you select will highlight in blue). Once you’ve selected everything you need, click on the bulk actions drop down menu at the top left of the screen and select “bulk assign.” Viola, you’ve now moved 3 manuscripts into review. Savor the productivity of the moment, and start bulk assigning manuscripts to your whole team!

Bulk reject submissions from the manuscripts table

For editors reviewing multiple manuscripts at one time, it can be difficult to stay on top of not only making decisions on which manuscripts to accept but also sending timely decisions to authors of rejected submissions.

While no one likes to have their paper rejected, we promise you authors appreciate getting your decision either way! To make it easier to stay on top of manuscript rejections we’ve added a new quick bulk reject feature. Now, rather than having to send rejections to manuscripts individually, you can reject multiple manuscripts at one time using an email template for all decision letters.

To use the new quick bulk reject feature you’ll need to enable it first by going to My Journal > Settings > Configuration Options. From there scroll down to “Special Reject Options” and click the button “Enter a template to enable quick reject.” Upon clicking the button you will be prompted to draft a standard rejection letter, which will be sent to all authors of manuscripts you bulk reject. Once your letter is saved you’ll be ready to get started!

As with the bulk assign manuscripts to editors feature, to bulk reject manuscripts simply click on the manuscripts you need to reject. Once all of the manuscripts you need to reject are highlighted in blue click on “bulk reject” in the “bulk actions” drop down menu and confirm your selection. How easy was that? Use quick bulk rejects throughout submission season to keep your manuscripts table organized and send authors timely decisions.

Submit to law review categories in bulk

The convenience of doing things in bulk doesn’t have to stop at the editor’s desk. We’ve added bulk functionality for authors also. Now for authors looking to submit a manuscript to journals within a particular category it’s possible to select all journals at once, rather than having to select each journal individually. Just click on the blue bar above the list of journals currently open for submissions to add them all.

Track the bulk of your workload with Todos

Your Todo dashboard is your journal activity hub. Here you can find tasks others have assigned to you, assign tasks to members of your board, and filter Todos across your team based on whom they were assigned to or by, and which tasks are pending vs. complete. Todos will ensure that you always have a handle on how the bulk of your journal’s work is being allocated and what’s coming up next.

We hope these features are helpful to you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions.