Test your OA journal publishing process!

Does your open access (OA) journal make the grade? Find out with the new OA Journal Publishing Grader. Editors of open access journals can take this free quiz to grade the quality of their publishing process and get advice for improvement. Take the quiz here!

For many OA journal teams, finding time to step back and evaluate their publishing process and performance can be a challenge. Between scurrying to get out new articles and issues and trying to plan initiatives to attract submissions, increase research impact, and more, moments for reflection are fleeting. And, even journals that do take the time to evaluate how they publish often fail to ask critical questions. As a result, many journals are missing out on timesaving opportunities and neglecting modern online publishing best practices.

The worst thing any journal team can do is become complacent and stick to the same publishing processes just because it’s what we’ve always done. The way researchers expect journals to publish is changing in the digital age and, in order to stay relevant, your publication needs to keep up!

At Scholastica we work with over 500 academic journals. Over the years we’ve seen many journals making similar publishing mistakes that could easily be remedied. We wanted to help journals spot potential publishing problem areas and learn how to address them (while having some fun in the process!), so we created The OA Journal Publishing Grader. This brief quiz covers primary publishing areas that all journals should focus on.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive an OA publishing grade (A,B,C) as well as the quiz answer key with advice for improvement.

Put your publishing process to the test

Want to know more about the OA Publishing Grader quiz?

Here’s how it works: The OA Publishing Grader quiz will take you through a series of 10 questions on core tenets of modern OA journal publishing. Each question will have a yes or no answer. You’ll receive hint text to help you quickly answer questions on the technical aspects of your publishing process.

The quiz questions cover key OA publishing areas including:

  • Journal website design
  • Article discoverability
  • Publishing performance tracking

You can scroll up and down during the quiz to return to questions you’ve answered or skip ahead, just be sure to answer every question! You won’t be able to submit your quiz until you’ve completed it fully. Once you’re done with the quiz click “Submit” and you’ll receive your final grade.

Get actionable advice for improvement

After you receive your OA journal grade, you won’t be left wondering which questions you aced and if and where you went wrong. We’ll send you a copy of the Answers & Advice Key, which contains answers to all of the questions including why they matter, where most journals fall short, and how to update your publishing process for the best outcomes. You can jump to particular questions from the Answer & Advice Key table of contents to review the areas you’re most interested in first.

Once you’ve reviewed the Answers & Advice Key it’s time to take action. Share your journal’s results with your editorial board and discuss which steps you’ll take to correct problem areas and polish your publishing process. Remember, each quiz question addresses areas vital to how authors, readers, and reviewers perceive your journal. Making necessary updates will make a big difference in how you publish and how your journal is received.

Quiz time!

Ready to put your OA journal publishing process to the test? Take The OA Journal Publishing Grader quiz here.

Knowledge is meant to be shared. Don’t keep The OA Journal Publishing Grader to yourself! Share the quiz with fellow editors and on social media so others can get the benefits of these publishing best practices.

We also want to know your thoughts on the quiz. Are there additional questions you think OA journal teams should be asking? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter at @scholasticahq!