I’ve been reading and thinking the past couple of days about publishing as a graduate student–is it good? Should you do it? When and where should you do it? Does it help you or can it hurt you career-wise? What about electronic journals or non-peer reviewed journals?

The general consensus seems to be 1) If you publish, make it good and 2) Be choosy about where you publish.

Scholastica can’t really help you make your research better (that’s all on you!), but we can help you figure out the rest of the process and make submitting articles and reviews just a little bit less painful and d r a w n - o u t….hopefully with the end result of getting you matched with the right journal and published more quickly.

This and this were both helpful reads if your considering whether or not to publish as a graduate student (my vote is “YES” to publishing while still a student!)


– Team Scholastica