Scholastica’s new Editor Analytics page provides journals with metrics on individual editors and details the team’s review process, complementing the broad picture of journal performance already portrayed by the Journal Analytics page.

Access the new Editor Analytics by clicking My Journals → Analytics → Editor Analytics.

Like Journal Analytics, the Editor Analytics page begins with key metrics. See at a glance how many articles are currently under review by each editor and how long the team is taking to make decisions.

The page takes an infographic approach to helping a journal understand the performance of its editorial team. For instance, it’s easy to compare the average time it takes each editor to make accept and reject decisions on manuscripts:

Are editors assigning articles to reviewers efficiently? Do reviewers return articles in a timely manner? How long do authors take to revise and resubmit?

It’s trivial on the Editor Analytics page to discover how long a manuscript is sitting with an editor rather than a reviewer. Being armed with these data allows a journal to tweak its process and become more efficient.

Check the help desk article for details on how these metrics are calculated.