Scholastica Plus is our newest offering for law reviews

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Scholastica Plus: our new program for law reviews that want to increase the effectiveness of their article selection process and provide authors with more rapid review of article submissions.

Why we’ve created Scholastica Plus

Since 2011, Scholastica has worked closely with hundreds of law review boards, learning their pain points and how those challenges affect submitting authors. Speaking with editors this summer, we realized that many law reviews have two main goals:

  1. Filling their volume, which usually means finding a well-rounded group of articles to literally fill the pages their journal has already paid their publisher to print.
  2. Reading through the many submissions they receive in a timely manner.

At first, these two concerns seemed outside of the scope of Scholastica. After some thought, however, we realized that we can make the information in a law review’s Scholastica account more accessible and actionable. For instance, we can let boards know: how quickly their team is reading and responding to submissions, when their publication historically receives submissions, and answer other questions with data from previous boards that is already in their law review’s Scholastica account. We piloted our idea with three law reviews over the past few months, and now we’re excited to officially open the Scholastica Plus program to any interested law review!

What is Scholastica Plus?

Scholastica Plus is a program to help law reviews make data-informed decisions during article selection and coaches law reviews on how they can improve the promotion of their calls for papers and final published issues.

Law reviews that enroll in Scholastica Plus will be able to customize their weekly report sent by email to include data on the metrics important to their journal. Some of the reporting available via Scholastica Plus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ratio of total publication offers to accepted publication offers
  • Average time from submission to decision for the current article selection period
  • Change in submissions volume over time
  • List of unanswered Discussion messages from authors
  • Projected date for filled volume, based on current progress
  • Full-text searches of submitted articles, to help find submissions related to special-topic issues

Scholastica Plus also provides enrolled law reviews with regular access to our team in order to get honest feedback and tailored recommendations. We’ll be available for customized workflow consultations, to help editors identify bottlenecks in their review and selection processes, and to advise on best practices based on our experience working with law reviews.

What Scholastica Plus is not

Scholastica Plus is not designed to help law reviews filter out and read only those submissions with “prestigious” letterheads. Since our team will be working with every law review using Scholastica Plus to create their own customized report, we will not build any kind of letterhead-focused reporting.

This customized reporting will not show any information about an author that editors don’t have access to already.

Scholastica Plus is a tool for law review editors to better utilize the author and submission information they already have in their Scholastica account. Scholastica Plus is not a way for editors to blindly and algorithmically select articles for their publication.

Learn more about using Scholastica Plus

For more information about our new customized reporting, visit our Scholastica Plus page. If your law review is interested in discussing how Scholastica Plus can help your team improve the way you publish your volume, then we encourage you to email us with questions or sign up and we’ll reach out to you!

Elli Olson

This post was written by Elli Olson,
Business Development