As additional law reviews switch to accepting submissions via Scholastica and open submissions, we want to make it easy for legal scholars to submit their manuscripts to additional journals.

If you have already submitted an article to one or more law reviews in Scholastica, you can easily submit to additional journals by logging in and clicking “My Manuscripts”. You will see a button labeled “Submit to more law reviews” next to any articles previously submitted to law reviews.

Click "My Manuscripts" and you will see a button to resubmit

What we pre-populate

Clicking this button will pre-populate the title, abstract, keywords, and author information. The form will also indicate which journals you have always submitted to (grayed out) as well as which journals you have not yet submitted your law review article to (clickable journals in light blue).

What we do NOT pre-populate

Currently clicking the button will NOT pre-populate the file fields, so you will need to select and upload the manuscript file and any supporting files (e.g. CV, cover letter, etc.). If you are on a different computer or do not have the manuscript files handy, you can always download the files from one of the previously submitted manuscripts by clicking the title and scrolling down to the “Peer Review Files” table.

Pre-populated manuscript resubmission form

As always, you will receive a confirmation email listing the additional journals you successfully submitted your manuscript to as well journals you previously submitted this manuscript to.