The first step to surviving law review submission season is admitting that there will be ups and downs. From the moment you click “submit,” you must accept the fact that your article’s journey to publication will be long and arduous at times, with no guarantee of success.

Fun process, right? We know law review submission season isn’t always easy, so we wanted to take some time to remind you of the good and make light of the bad. Let us humor you with these 10 stages of law review submission season:

Stage 1: Preparing to submit your article

Stage 2: Finding one spot for all of your submissions needs

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Stage 3: Submitting your article

Stage 4: Waiting for law reviews to acknowledge your submission

Stage 5: Finally getting a response…

Stage 6: Finally getting the response you want

Stage 7: Beginning to field publication offers

Stage 8: Accepting a publication offer

Stage 9: Thinking ahead to next submission season

Stage 10: Realizing it’s all going to be OK

We hope you enjoy this bit of submission season humor! We encourage you to share the fun on social media!