There are two sides to law review submissions - the author and the editor experience - both of which have their ups and downs and plenty of opportunities for a little humor to lighten the mood! Last week we brought you “The 10 Stages of Law Review Submission Season” from the author’s point of view. Today, we bring you 10 joys and tribulations of the editor experience.

As an editor, from the time submissions start rolling in to the day your final issue is published, managing law review is a crazy and exciting time. We hope you enjoy and can relate to these 10 stages of submission season.

Stage 1: Realizing submissions are on the way

Stage 2: Choosing a submissions system that works for your journal

Stage 3: Submissions start rolling in

Stage 4: Comparing your law review expectations to the actual experience

Stage 5: Realizing that all articles are not cited equally

Stage 6: Checking article citations

Stage 7: Getting a much needed caffeine fix

Stage 8: Handling hundreds of submissions

Stage 9: Realizing you’ve found a process that works for you

Stage 10: Publishing your new journal issue

We hope you enjoy this submission season humor! Share the fun on social media!