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Wondering which law reviews are only accepting submissions via Scholastica? In this blog post, we provide an ongoing list.

As of now, 150 law reviews only use Scholastica for submissions and article selection. This blog post outlines every general law review that uses only Scholastica. We’ve also included a list of all of the specialized law reviews that are using only Scholastica. For example, in recent months many international and public policy law journals have moved from other platforms to Scholastica. We hope this will be a useful resource for authors trying to figure out where law reviews accept submissions, and for law librarians or other law school staff trying to advise students and faculty authors.

Below is our (ongoing) list of student law reviews that have chosen to use Scholastica for their article submissions platform. We’ll continue to update this list with any changes.

General law reviews using only Scholastica

  • Alabama Law Review
  • Albany Law Review
  • American University Law Review
  • Arizona Law Review
  • Arizona State Law Journal
  • Boston College Law Review
  • Boston University Law Review
  • BYU Law Review
  • California Law Review
  • Cardozo Law Review
  • Chapman Law Review
  • Charleston Law Review
  • City University of New York (CUNY) Law Review
  • Columbia Law Review - Articles
  • Columbia Law Review - Essays & Reviews
  • Connecticut Law Review
  • Cornell Law Review
  • Creighton Law Review
  • DePaul Law Review
  • Drexel Law Review
  • Duke Law Journal
  • Emory Law Journal
  • Florida Law Review
  • Florida State University Law Review
  • Fordham Law Review
  • George Mason Law Review
  • George Washington Law Review
  • Georgia Law Review
  • Georgia State University Law Review
  • Gonzaga University Law Review
  • Hastings Law Journal
  • Houston Law Review
  • Howard Law Journal
  • Indiana Law Journal
  • Indiana Law Review
  • Iowa Law Review
  • Kentucky Law Journal
  • Lewis & Clark Law Review
  • Louisiana Law Review
  • Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
  • Maryland Law Review
  • Mercer Law Review
  • Michigan Law Review
  • Michigan State Law Review
  • Minnesota Law Review
  • Missouri Law Review
  • Nebraska Law Review
  • New York Law School Law Review
  • New York University Law Review
  • North Carolina Law Review
  • Northwestern University Law Review
  • Notre Dame Law Review
  • Ohio State Law Journal
  • Oklahoma Law Review
  • Pace Law Review
  • Penn State Law Review
  • Pepperdine Law Review
  • Seton Hall Law Review
  • SMU Law Review
  • South Carolina Law Review
  • Southern California Law Review - Articles & Essays
  • Stanford Law Review
  • Temple Law Review
  • Tennessee Law Review
  • Texas Law Review
  • Texas Tech Law Review
  • The Georgetown Law Journal
  • The University of Chicago Law Review
  • Tulane Law Review
  • UC Davis Law Review
  • UC Irvine Law Review
  • UCLA Law Review
  • University of Colorado Law Review
  • University of Hawaii Law Review
  • University of Illinois Law Review
  • University of Kansas Law Review
  • University of Pennsylvania Law Review
  • Utah Law Review
  • Vanderbilt Law Review
  • Villanova Law Review
  • Virginia Law Review
  • Wake Forest Law Review
  • Washington and Lee Law Review
  • Washington Law Review
  • Washington University Law Review
  • William & Mary Law Review
  • Wisconsin Law Review

To get a sense of how many law reviews now use Scholastica as compared to ExpressO or an independent platform, the graph below illustrates the submission platforms used by the top-100 Washington & Lee ranked general student law reviews. As the graph demonstrates, many law reviews have have been centralizing their work onto Scholastica.

Top-100 law review submission preferences

Specialty law reviews using only Scholastica

International law journals

  • American Journal of Comparative Law
  • Cornell International Law Journal
  • Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law
  • Fordham International Law Journal
  • Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
  • Journal of National Security Law & Policy
  • Michigan Journal of International Law
  • Minnesota Journal of International Law
  • New York University Journal of International Law & Politics
  • Virginia Journal of International Law
  • Yale Journal of International Law

Criminal law journals

  • American Criminal Law Review
  • The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

Business, commercial, and administrative law journals

  • Berkeley Business Law Journal
  • Harvard Business Law Review
  • The Journal of Corporation Law
  • Yale Journal on Regulation

Public policy and civil rights law journals

  • Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
  • Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy
  • Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy
  • Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
  • Harvard Law & Policy Review
  • Indiana Journal of Law & Social Equality
  • Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice
  • N.Y.U. Review of Law & Social Change
  • N.Y.U. Journal of Legislation and Public Policy
  • New York University Journal of Law & Liberty
  • Stanford Law & Policy Review
  • Syracuse Journal of Law and Civic Engagement
  • University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform
  • William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal

Technology and entertainment law journals

  • Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
  • Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
  • Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
  • The Law, State, and Telecommunications Review

Environmental law journals

  • Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum
  • Harvard Environmental Law Review
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy
  • Stanford Environmental Law Journal

Other subject areas

  • Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Michigan Journal of Race & Law
  • Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
  • The Review of Litigation
  • BCLR E. Supp.
  • Columbia Law Review Online
  • Connecticut Law Review Online
  • Cornell Law Review Online
  • Duke Law Journal Online
  • Emory Law Journal Online
  • Minnesota Law Review Headnotes
  • Nebraska Law Review Bulletin
  • New York University Law Review Online
  • Northwestern University Law Review Online
  • OSLJ Furthermore
  • Pepperdine Law Review - Essays, Reviews, & Comments
  • Southern California Law Review Postscript - Commentaries & Responses
  • The Nevada Law Journal Forum (Online)
  • The University of Chicago Law Review Online
  • UC Davis Law Review Online
  • Virginia Journal of International Law- Notes
  • Wake Forest Law Review Online
  • Washington Law Review Online
  • William & Mary Law Review Online

In Conclusion

We hope this information is useful if you’re trying to understand how individual law reviews accept submissions, or if you’re generally interested in how law reviews have been moving from ExpressO to Scholastica. If you have any questions or have a suggestion for how we can improve this resource, please email us!