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The Todo Dashboard is a collection of your journal's to-dos across all manuscripts. You can drill down into just the tasks assigned to you, or just the tasks you've assigned to others.

Here's the latest on how Scholastica is making your user-experience even better.

We've made it easier to keep track of deadlines, outstanding reviews, and R&Rs on Scholastica. Check out the newest features.

Announcing new Scholastica features including editor assignment alerts, submission progress saved as you go, and ability to print reviews and decisions.

New features to empower editors to keep peer review moving forward including, the ability to accept and submit reviews on behalf of reviewers, and advanced manuscript search.

In an effort to solve issues around revise and resubmit decisions, Scholastica announces a new feature: Automatic revisions for authors on R&Rs.

We've hit the ground running this year - deploying a long list of improvements and new features to make the gantlet of scholarly publishing more streamlined and less stressful.