We’re always looking for ways to make the Scholastica user experience better. We made some great improvements this past month that we wanted to share with you. Read on to see how we’re making your life a little bit easier, because it’s all the little things that add up to big time savings!


Save submission progress. One of Scholastica’s primary goals is to make the process of submitting manuscripts to journals quick and easy. We’ve taken this aim a step further with a new feature - your progress when working on a submission is now saved as you go. Now, if you realize you need to double-check your sponsorship status, add a few law reviews to your submission, or simply leave the submission page you can be assured that your work - the journals you’ve selected, your manuscript’s title, abstract and keywords - will all still be there.

Easier file uploading. We’ve also streamlined the process of uploading a file. Previously, authors had to select the file and then click the ‘Upload’ button, but now the file uploads automatically. You can still remove or replace it if necessary, but we’ve saved you a step so that you can get your submission in that much more quickly.

Assign an Editor

Editor assignments

Easy editor assignment alerts. For the editors out there, we’ve added a small feature that allows you to send an email notification when you assign a manuscript to an editor. Any time the editor assigned to a manuscript is changed this option will appear.

Assign Editor

Notify by email option

Decisions and reviews

Easier to read reviews. We’ve improved the layout for decision pages so that the reviews for a manuscript are included on the page. Previously, they were only listed and had to be clicked to be read.

Print reviews and decisions. You can now print reviews or decisions quickly and easily right from the decision details page. Along with making paper copy, this is also helpful to create a clean PDF of the decision and reviews.

Printing a decision

We hope you enjoy these improvements and that they will help you to save some valuable time. We’ll stay on the lookout for the next big little thing!

Austin Brown
This post was written by Austin Brown