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Peer Reviewed Journals

How to Write Constructive Peer Review Comments: Tips every journal should give referees

Most scholars embark on peer review with little to no formal training. So a bit of guidance from journals is often welcome and can make a big difference in review quality. In this blog post, we're rounding up 7 tips journals can give referees to help them conduct solid peer reviews.

May 13, 2022
Law Reviews

3 Tips for picking your next law review article topic

With so many possible law review article topic ideas to pursue and so little time before the next submission cycle, how can you effectively weigh your options and know when you've landed on the right one? Here are three tips from former editors.

May 18, 2022
Innovations In Academia

UNESCO's open science recommendations: A publisher action plan

Journal publishers have the opportunity to implement a range of operational and cultural changes to open up the research lifecycle. This blog post by Publishing Consultant Lettie Conrad, overviews specific action steps from the new UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

April 07, 2022
New Features

How Scholastica is helping journal publishers automate archiving and indexing: Latest updates

Archiving and indexing articles is paramount to expanding the reputation and reach of scholarly journals — but it's not always easy. Learn about the latest ways Scholastica is helping journals reach their archiving and indexing goals with less manual work and fewer technical headaches.

May 25, 2022