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Scholastica at 10: Betting on democratization over consolidation in scholarly publishing

As Scholastica approaches its 10th birthday, CEO and co-founder Brian Cody reflects on the last decade and why Scholastica still believes in and remains committed to democratization over consolidation in scholarly publishing.

January 04, 2022
Law Reviews

Top Law Review Submission Tips for Authors: 2022 Edition

At Scholastica, we've garnered many submission season insights over the years, and we want to help demystify things for authors. In this blog post, we're rounding up tips to help you improve your publication prospects based on our latest data and learnings. Let's get to it!

January 28, 2022
Innovations In Academia

How readers are finding scholarly journals: New survey results and what publishers need to know

How are the ways scholars find and engage with research outputs changing? And what does it mean for academic journals? In this blog post, we highlight key insights from the new 2021 How Readers Discover Content in Scholarly Publications report.

December 20, 2021
New Features

Why Scholastica is taking a different approach to single-source production: Interview with CTO Cory Schires

In this interview, Scholastica CTO and Co-Founder Cory Schires discusses the development of Scholastica's single-source production service, how it differs from other XML-based workflows, and why we're working to optimize the production process for both humans and machines.

January 11, 2022