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Peer Reviewed Journals

New Survey of Society and University Publishers: The state of journal production and access

Scholastica announces the launch of our second State of Journal Production and Access survey of independent scholarly society and university publishers, which will be used to develop an open industry report. If you work with a scholarly society, university press, library, or institution that independently publishes one or more journals, please take the survey to help develop collective insights.

June 23, 2022
Law Reviews

3 Tips for picking your next law review article topic

With so many possible law review article topic ideas to pursue and so little time before the next submission cycle, how can you effectively weigh your options and know when you've landed on the right one? Here are three tips from former editors.

May 18, 2022
Innovations In Academia

How independent society publishers are transitioning journals to open access models: Examples and key takeaways

Rapid market consolidation doesn't have to be the only way forward in the OA movement for scholarly societies. Examples of independent society publishers successfully implementing new OA models in the wild provide valuable insights and inspiration for others to follow suit.

June 13, 2022
New Features

How Scholastica is helping journal publishers automate archiving and indexing: Latest updates

Archiving and indexing articles is paramount to expanding the reputation and reach of scholarly journals — but it's not always easy. Learn about the latest ways Scholastica is helping journals reach their archiving and indexing goals with less manual work and fewer technical headaches.

May 25, 2022