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Peer Reviewed Journals

3 Pillars of quality peer review at academic journals

As the gatekeepers of research, journals and publishers are arguably on the frontlines of quality in peer review and have the potential to lead the way in addressing many of the challenges faced by the community. In this post, we look at three pillars of peer review at academic journals that can help to build a stronger foundation for quality research.

September 19, 2019
Law Reviews

Top law review article submission tips for authors: Insights from the most-used platform

In this post, we're sharing some law review submission pro-tips that you can use to improve your chances of publication and save precious time.

July 31, 2019
Innovations In Academia

FTC v. OMICS a landmark predatory publishing case: Interview with Stewart Manley

In this interview, lecturer for the Faculty of Law at the University of Malaya Stewart Manley unpacks the FTC v. OMICS case and its broader implications for the oversight of predatory publishing practices.

August 06, 2019
New Features

New Product Roadmap: How we're supporting journals in the transition to Plan S and sustainable OA

Scholastica announces the release of a Product Roadmap detailing new features to help journals comply with Plan S and sustainably meet core technical publishing standards.

September 10, 2019