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Peer Reviewed Journals

Why producing journal articles in machine-readable formats is better for abstracting and indexing

Journal publishers that want their articles to show up in relevant abstracting and indexing databases must submit article information to them in machine-readable formats. If you only publish journal articles in human-readable formats, like PDFs, you're likely missing out on valuable indexing opportunities.

March 14, 2019
Law Reviews

3 Areas of digital publishing all law reviews should prioritize

Many law reviews are yet to explore all the possibilities of online publishing, and they're missing out on opportunities to better serve authors and readers as a result. Here are three key areas of digital publishing that every law review should prioritize.

March 22, 2019
Innovations In Academia

Academic-Led Publishing Day 2019 Highlights

What is academic-led publishing? Why does it matter? And what are examples of academic-led publishing initiatives? These were some of the core questions addressed during the first Academic-Led Publishing Day. In this post, we share some highlights from the day.

February 13, 2019
New Features

How Scholastica is helping OA journal publishers automate indexing steps

At Scholastica, we're building out our open access publishing platform to make it easier for journal publishers to reach their indexing goals. We're producing machine-readable XML files for all articles published using our platform and introducing automated article deposits for major indexes.

March 07, 2019