Do you live in a bubble? We didn’t think so, and we don’t think you should have to work in one either.

The Conversation is the destination where scholars in Scholastica can find and share the latest goings on in academia and the wider world, in and outside of their individual journal work. Recently, we recognized some opportunities to improve the “flow” of The Conversation, so to speak. We’ve made it easier for users to spot the latest Conversation posts and trending topics, and added automatic announcements about new articles being published by journals on Scholastica among other improvements.

Here are the latest updates to the dashboard and The Conversation:

  • New sleeker Conversation design
  • New user dashboard design with Conversation posts front-and-center
  • A sidebar with a list of links to the latest articles published by journals on Scholastica
  • A more prominent sidebar for users to track their personal stats including: articles submitted, peer reviews, and social activity

To kick off the new and improved Conversation the Scholastica team will be sharing links and announcements relevant to our user community. We encourage you to join in! Is your journal seeking submissions? Have you recently read an interesting article that you’d like share with the community? Do you have a conference and call for presentations to announce? We encourage you to share what you’re currently finding interesting with the rest of the Scholastica scholarly community!