A frustration that authors often lament is the additional work that comes from receiving a decision of revise and resubmit on one of their manuscripts. The process of incorporating reviewer feedback to improve the article can take weeks - or even months – for authors to complete, which contributes to slower publication times. This is frustrating to authors, and frustrating to journal editors who want to speed up the journal’s review cycle.

While some see R&Rs as an inevitability, journals like Sociological Science have gained traction based in part by their refusal to issue R&Rs and instead only giving decisions of “accept” and “reject”. At Scholastica, we’ve spoken with many editors who find that R&Rs are an important part of the scholarly communication process that are worth being preserved, while also acknowledging the additional time and energy it takes for authors to make the revisions to an article.

In an effort to solve these issues around revise and resubmit decisions, Scholastica is proud to announce a new feature: Automatic revisions for authors on R&Rs.

Over the past year, our engineering team has developed an algorithm that scans a reviewer’s feedback for suggested improvements and automatically incorporates that feedback into a revised version of the authors paper.

Blind peer-review is something that we take very seriously, and we’re extremely excited that this new feature preserves reviewer anonymity while also automatically inserting relevant citations and quotes from the reviewers into the new version of the manuscript. This new material will be interspersed with citations and quotes from non-reviewers as well, which will prevent the author from being able to discern the identity of the reviewers on the manuscript.

Over the last three months we have offered this feature to authors on a trial basis, and we’ve found that it’s increased acceptance decisions on resubmitted manuscripts by 93.74%. Editors have been thrilled at the enthusiasm of authors resubmitting to the journal, reviewers have been thrilled to see their own work cited by authors, and authors have been thrilled to get their articles to a publishable state with no additional work.

Authors: to take advantage of this feature simply go to the “manuscript details page” of your submission and click the “Submit automatic revision” button. For a more detailed explanation of how the feature works please see our help page here.

Rob Walsh

This post was written by Rob Walsh,
Co-founder, Design