At Scholastica, we’ve hit the ground running this year - deploying a long list of improvements and new features to make the gantlet of scholarly publishing more streamlined and less stressful.

Here’s a quick overview of how we’ve made Scholastica better in the last two months:



  • Bigger Sticky Notes - Editors can say more with increased character limits on manuscript stickies.


  • Customizable Submission Fees - We’ve added the option for non-law journals to collect their own submission fees.
  • Share files by default - If your journal regularly makes additional files, like data tables, available to reviewers, you can now configure your journal so that those files are shared by default - never leave a reviewer wondering if they’re missing something.
  • Helpful browser upgrade page - Some people may be trying to access Scholastica from older internet browsers that aren’t up to the task. Sometimes this is the difference between a scholar agreeing to review a paper or not. We send users on older browsers to a page that will help them upgrade - and that page has recently been made even more helpful and friendly.



  • We’ve made it easier to find Submission Guidelines - The “Submit an Article” section of each journal’s page is now “For Authors” in order to reflect how those pages have information for authors beyond just the button for submitting an article.
  • Law Reviews now have Categories - We’ve made it easier for law reviews and legal authors with similar research interests to find each other. Law reviews can now be filtered by categories like Constitutional, environmental, or intellectual property law. These categories are determined by the journal’s editors and help authors browsing for journals to find relevant publications.



  • The Conversation on your Dashboard - Scholars on Scholastica can discuss their research or profession in The Conversation and with the most recent posts now automatically updated on your Dashboard, it’s much easier to spot discussions you might be interested in.
  • More titles - More types of scholars can represent themselves accurately on Scholastica because we’ve added “Visiting Professor” and “Postdoctoral Researcher” to the list of users’ titles.µ
  • Clearer labels and instructions - Labels and instructions are clearer in several places where we noticed people getting tripped up.

We’re grateful to all the authors, editors and reviewers using Scholastica and especially to those of you who’ve gotten in touch - your feedback led to many of these improvements and continues to help inform our vision for a great peer-review and academic publishing platform.

This year (and indeed Scholastica itself!) is really just getting started, though! Stay tuned…

Brian Cody

This post was written by Brian Cody,
Co-founder, CEO