If you're new to altmetrics, this slideshow is for you. It offers a quick overview of how to start using them and the benefits you'll get.

This slideshow, co-produced by Scholastica and Altmetric, breaks down the benefits of altmetrics for journals, common misconceptions about them, and ways to start tracking altmetrics at your publication.

So, what are the new altmetrics standards that NISO is working on? And what does this mean for academic journals? Here's what you need to know.

Three journals explain how they're using altmetrics impact indicators for both internal and external publication development and offer advice for how other journals can do the same.

Scholastica and Altmetric's free webinar will overview what altmetrics are, ways to collect and interpret altmetrics data, and how your journal can benefit from tracking altmetrics.

Five years since the publication of the 'altmetrics manifesto' academia is buzzing with discussion about altmetrics.

In a new free eBook, Scholastica and Altmetric offer insights into the current state of research impact, the rise of altmetrics, and what it all means for scholars and journal editors.

How journal editors and publishers are tracking alternative metrics data and pinpointing the metrics that matter most to them in order to improve their publications.

What steps can editors take to develop their journal's reputation and impact in order to attract a wider audience? Free webinar offers insights.

For journals that don't have a budget to purchase publication metrics software Google Analytics, free software by Google, can help you get started.