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Scholastica's released the first and only customizable website templates designed specifically for scholarly journals. Here's how you can quickly and affordably set up a publication website with journal website templates.

What does transitioning to online-only publishing entail? And what steps should journals be taking to make a smooth switch? Trish Groves shares advice.

Scholars as well as universities, research foundations, and government organizations, are encouraging journals to take steps to make their content more accessible and engaging. As a result, the notion of brand-name journals is changing.

Despite some editors questioning the Web 2.0 transition, there are scholarly journals that have been successfully publishing solely online for years that have reaped many benefits as a result.

In recent years, a growing number of scholars have been taking to Twitter and using it as platform to discuss their research interests, higher education news, and thoughts on the state of journal publishing.

Mark E. Wilson from the University of Auckland made a survey where he solicits thoughts from his peers on models for academic journal publishing.

Anna Tolwinska, Member and Community Outreach Manager at Crossref breaks down DOIs to help you understand how to use them at your journal.

Steps journals can take to ensure their content is discoverable and appealing to both search engines and human readers.