How journal editors and publishers are tracking alternative metrics data and pinpointing the metrics that matter most to them in order to improve their publications.

I decided to get a little 'academic-y' and do some research on the peer review process because when I thought about my own experience, it went something like this...

Has the academic publishing ecosystem reached its melting point?

I've been reading and thinking the past couple of days about publishing as a graduate student–is it good? Should you do it? When and where should you do it?

One of our chief questions is to understand how our users understand the value of the peer review system as it exists, as well as where they feel sincere frustration or need for improvement.

What happens when co-founder, Brian Cody, gets stranded in an airport for ten hours.

In this post, I'll show you how we setup our Scholastica splash page in under an hour using Heroku and Sinatra. Also, it's free.