Richard Poynder discusses his career writing about the Open Access Movement and his thoughts on the future of open access scholarly journal publishing.

We're excited to welcome Alexander Grossmann to The Open Access Stories blog series! Share this story and your own on Twitter by using the hashtag - #MyOAStory.

Sean Michael Morris, co-director of Hybrid Pedagogy shares the aims of the journal, why its editors chose to launch it as an open access publication, as well as other OA initiatives he supports.

Scholastica welcomes Alison Mudditt, Director of University of California Press, to The Open Access Stories series! Share this story and your own on Twitter by using the hashtag - #MyOAStory.

Roland Meesters editor-in-chief of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis discusses why he launched the open access journal and how he hopes it will help further the open access movement.

Torsten Reimer Scholarly Communications Officer at Imperial College London discusses his work to ensure the College's digital infrastructure facilitates OA and high standards of research communication.

One of the founders of the open access movement Stevan Harnad discusses how he began working to make scholarship open, why he supports the green OA model, and his hopes for the future of OA.

In celebration of Open Access Week 2015, Scholastica will be welcoming OA supporters to the blog to discuss how and why they are working to further the OA movement.