Remember, as the saying about life goes, law review submission season isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

How will you resolve to amp up your editorial and journal publishing efforts next year? Here are some suggestions to get started.

The Todo Dashboard is a collection of your journal's to-dos across all manuscripts. You can drill down into just the tasks assigned to you, or just the tasks you've assigned to others.

The OA Journal Starter Kit has all the information you'll need to get a new open access journal up and running.

Scholastica's public-facing webpages just got a new look! We hope the redesign will improve our user experience, by offering a more comprehensive overview of what we do and why we do it.

Two law review editors detail the kind of submissions that hit it out of the park for their journals.

One of the top challenges and simultaneous best opportunities for new open access journals to develop a following is to find a unique niche in the marketplace.

New Scholastica support video gives law review submissions walkthrough. Learn how to: Find journals to submit to, manage your submissions, make bulk expedite requests and more.

Scholastica started an experiment to keep information flowing across team areas: weekly company-wide pairing, called Pairing Thursdays.

Announcing new Scholastica features including editor assignment alerts, submission progress saved as you go, and ability to print reviews and decisions.