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How to Start an Open Access Journal: 2024 Small Publisher Primer

Are you working with a scholarly society or institution starting an Open Access journal or thinking about transitioning one or more titles to a fully OA publishing model and wondering where to begin? In this blog post, we break down how to determine the best OA publishing route for your organization and get your efforts off the ground.

New Peer Review Quality Guidelines from EASE: Interview with Dr. Mario Malički

How can journals tell which aspects of their peer review processes work well and which may need some work? EASE has released new guidelines for assessing peer review quality to help journal publishers and editors get closer to an answer.

How to Meet the Latest Plan S Criteria: 2024 Guide for Scholastica Users

Is it possible for the journals you work with to receive submissions from scholars funded by cOAlition S member organizations? If so, now's the time to ensure those titles meet the latest Plan S criteria. Here's an overview of the steps journals using Scholastica's software and services should take to ensure they are Plan S compliant in 2024.

Ready for new peer review software? Kickstart your migration

Are you ready to move to a new journal peer review management system? This blog post outlines a 21-day migration planning kick-start challenge to help motivate your team with a new free Peer Review System Migration Toolkit, including a handbook guide and checklist.

#AskScholastica: Full-text XML benefits and when you need it

Welcome to the first post in the #AskScholastica blog series, where Scholastica's team answers questions about digital journal publishing best practices! We're starting with the FAQ: What are the benefits of producing journal articles in full-text XML, and should we start?

How to keep peer review and production in sync this year

Are you looking to reduce coordination costs between your peer review and production teams this year? This blog post covers tips from the Scholastica Production Service team to help keep everyone in sync (whether handling everything in-house or working with an external vendor).

How Scholars Think Journals Can Better the Author Experience

Many are weighing in on ways to better the journal submission experience for authors from the editor and publisher perspective. But what's the opinion of actual scholars? We surveyed the Scholastica author community to find out! Here's what they had to say.

5 Ways to Drive Return Readers to Your OA Journal

Once a scholar finds your OA journal website, what can you do to encourage them to return to it? Here are five steps your team can take with examples from the Scholastica Open Access Publishing Platform.

How to get OA journals indexed in the DOAJ: Updated guide

What are the DOAJ's latest indexing criteria? And how can you apply to add one or more journals to the index? We break down everything you need to know in this blog post, including answers to FAQs.

A New Phase of Diamond OA Journal Development: Interview with TSR

One of the most exciting aspects of supporting Open Access journals for the Scholastica team is learning about their publication development journeys. In this interview, Jenn Pickering, managing editor of The Sedimentary Record, discusses how they reached the milestones of their 100th article published and a successful editorial board transfer following a journal expansion initiative.