Beginning January 15, 2017, Scholastica is raising the price for law review submissions from $5.00 to $6.50. After charging the same amount for law review submissions since 2011, we’ve found it necessary to modestly increase the price to account for our growing team and to accelerate ongoing improvements we’re making to give authors and editors an even better user experience. Raising costs isn’t something we take lightly; however, this is a necessary step for the development of Scholastica’s software and support offerings. We value our customers and are committed to giving them the very best law review experience.

Improvements we’re making to Scholastica law review submissions

Scholastica remains dedicated to constantly enhancing our software to make the law review submission and article selection process better for authors and editors. From introducing redesigned journal profiles to releasing a new law review submission form and more streamlined decision workflow for editors, we’ve been working hard to keep improving Scholastica.

In the coming months our team is investing more time and resources to address the number one concern we hear from authors: editors not making decisions and/or not being responsive to author inquiries. Steps we’re taking to improve the law review author experience include:

  • Offering trainings to all of our existing law review teams and all new editorial boards to help them be more productive and responsive to authors - including actively encouraging editors to make decisions. We’re going to ramp-up this effort in 2017.
  • New automated reports for law reviews to help editors stay on top of key information including manuscript discussions from law review authors that need to be addressed, stats on accepted and rejected manuscripts by week and submission cycle, the journal’s average days to decision, publication offers that need to be sent, and more.
  • We will continue to add new functionality to improve the performance of Scholastica for legal authors and law journals, just as we have since we launched in 2011.
  • During the busy submission season (January-March), we’ll be focusing on rapid customer support for legal authors, and we’ve updated the contact form at to make it even easier to get the answers you need.

What happens to existing law review submission credits?

We will be automatically increasing the value of any institutional credits purchased before January 15th to reflect the price change so, for example, if you have 100 submission credits worth $500 on January 14th 2017 at 11:59PM CT your balance will be updated to $650. Institutions can purchase credits at the current $5.00 price from now through January 14th.

We will also continue to offer fee waivers to legal authors that demonstrate economic hardship and are unable to pay for submissions. We remain committed to facilitating the publication and dissemination of quality scholarship above all else.

We thank our valued customers for supporting Scholastica and helping us to continually better our offerings for law reviews.