What steps can editorial teams take to attract the readership and high-quality submissions needed to grow the reputation and impact of their scholarly journals?

During Scholastica’s panel-style webinar, “Inside the Editors’ Office: Growing Your Journal’s Reputation and Impact,” we explored the many angles of this question. We encourage you to check out the webinar recording featured below, which is also available on YouTube.

We were excited to have the following panelists join us for this webinar:

  • Dan Morgan, Digital Science Publisher at University of California Press and Publisher of Collabra
  • Clare Hooper, Journals Publishing Manager at University of Liverpool Press
  • Pippa Smart, Founder of PSP Consulting

Discussion Highlights

During the webinar panelists spoke to the perspectives of journals at all stages, whether an established society or university press publication or a newly minted stand-alone journal. When it comes to developing a strong reputation, all of the panelists agreed that good content should always be editors’ foremost concern.

“You need to create a venue where authors want to be seen,” said Clare Hooper. “The better content you publish the better content is submitted.”

Throughout the webinar Pippa, Clare, and Dan shared specific steps journals can take to attract such high-quality content and cultivate their journal’s reputation.

Dan added that in the process of growing your journal, your editorial team should have an end-goal in mind and know the kind of reputation and impact that you are seeking. “The key thing is to be really honest and transparent about the type of journal you have,” he said “know your goals and tell the right story about what your journal is aiming for.”

Dan emphasized that all quality journals in a particular field will not have the same reputation and impact. Rather journals must determine what it means to be influential within the specific subject areas and scope that they cover.

Panelists also shared advice on how to prepare for increased submissions, which can come as journals grow their reputation. Pippa Smart advises journals to think upfront and determine the best editorial strategies and peer review technology needed to handle a submission surge.

“Get a system in place and don’t be afraid to make decisions,” she advised.

Check out the webinar recording above for the complete discussion, full of helpful tips journals at any stage can use to become better known in their field and develop their impact!

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