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Are you struggling to determine which promotion outlets to focus on for your academic journal? There's no better way to make informed promotion decisions than basing them off of publication data.

This month, we've introduced some great new features to help journals promote their articles online, easily organize back articles and issues, and ensure anonymized peer review.

We've added a new Browse Articles page to the Scholastica website to showcase all articles published on Scholastica. Get the details!

Scholastica announces the release of the second handbook in the Scholarly Journal Promotion 101 Series - Content Resurfacing 101 for Scholarly Journals.

Scholastica announces Scholarly Journal Promotion 101, a new series of digital handbooks on scholarly journal promotion best practices. Get the first handbook - Twitter 101 for Journal Editors!

See how journals are using social media, innovative web design, content, and events to raise awareness of their newest articles and issues.