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When publishers learn that Scholastica's production service uses automation to generate articles, a common question is: Can you customize PDFs to our style? In short, YES! We've added more PDF customizations than ever. In this blog post, we showcase lookbook examples by discipline.

Christopher Priestley-Milianta, fifth-year MD/PhD student at Georgetown University School of Medicine and editor of the Georgetown Medical Review, discusses the expansion of GMR and how working with Scholastica Production has helped them scale.

With all the steps involved in running scholarly journals, reducing coordination costs is paramount for publishers. In this interview, Liba Hladik, Managing Editor at UC Press, discusses how they've partnered with Scholastica to connect the dots between their peer review, production, and hosting tools and workflows.

Dr. Joseph Shovlin, Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Insights in Eyecare, discusses the launch of the new American Academy of Optometry journal, why they chose to partner with Scholastica, and their experience using Scholastica's single-source article production service.

Archiving and indexing articles is paramount to expanding the reputation and reach of scholarly journals — but it's not always easy. Learn about the latest ways Scholastica is helping journals reach their archiving and indexing goals with less manual work and fewer technical headaches.