Tackling that first journal submission can be a great learning experience for scholars, particularly graduate students working on their PhD thesis.

Gemma Sou is giving early-career social scientists a way to broadcast what they are working on - via 4 minute self-recorded research podcasts.

While you can't control the opinions of reviewers, you can take ownership of the submission process to give your paper a boost towards publication.

Some of the top stories in academia that caught the Scholastica team's attention this month.

Can we make creativity happen? There is in fact much more intent behind creative breakthroughs than we often credit or realize.

We've made it a lot easier to share content from the Conversation! At the bottom of every Conversation question, you'll notice Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with Team Scholastica. We're really happy to have launched last Thursday. 362 days after the first code was written, we were finally able to share our baby with the world.

Team Scholastica is pleased to announce that we're ready to allow academic journals to log in and use the system!

In yesterday's New York Times, D.D. Gutenplan writes how librarians have taken up the fight against academic publishers who they see as making huge profits while adding little value to the dissemination of academic knowledge.

A Library Sciences Masters student, recently sent us a Slideshare presentation titled, 'What's Wrong With Scholarly Publishing Today?'by Bjorn Brembs . It provided a ton of illuminating data on problems that scientists see with academic publishing.