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Article on Scholastica's co-founders featured in issue of The University of Chicago Magazine.

We had a discussion about Scholastica over at Hacker News. Please promote it to support us as a group that are doing our part to remedy the problems that scholars are raising about the academic publishing industry.

Along with new features, we've made changes to better orient and explain Scholastica to all scholars and journal editors.

We've made it a lot easier to share content from the Conversation! At the bottom of every Conversation question, you'll notice Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with Team Scholastica. We're really happy to have launched last Thursday. 362 days after the first code was written, we were finally able to share our baby with the world.

We're allowing new scholars in every few days as we cultivate the finest academic community and journal management platform on the internet. If you sign up now, expect to receive your code soon!

In yesterday's New York Times, D.D. Gutenplan writes how librarians have taken up the fight against academic publishers who they see as making huge profits while adding little value to the dissemination of academic knowledge.

No one is paying us to create Scholastica. We're making it because we think that there are huge problems with the academic publishing industry. And of course, we've taken it upon ourselves to provide solutions to the problems we've found.

A new homepage design as we get close to launching our private beta.

The UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee today released a report on 'Peer Review in Scientific Publications.' They find much room for improvement, especially suggesting a need for greater transparency