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Top Law Review Submission Tips for Authors: 2023 Edition

Whether it's your first year trying to place an article or fifteenth, you're likely wondering what steps you can take to boost the chances of getting published in one of your top-choice law reviews. This blog post is full of the latest recommendations to help!

Features Law Review Editors Should Know About

At Scholastica, we're always adding new features to our law review software to help editors work more effectively with fewer technical hassles. Here's a roundup of some of the top features you should know about.

Answers to Law Author Scholastica Submission FAQs: Updated for 2023

Have a question about submitting to law reviews via Scholastica or the article management tools we offer? Here are answers to the top FAQs we've heard and links to helpful submission season resources updated for 2023!

What Legal Scholars Are Writing About: 2022 Edition

Wondering what topics legal scholars have been focusing on this year? In this blog post, we highlight the 25 most-used keywords for articles accepted via Scholastica from January 1st, 2022, to present and some notable pieces related to those topics.

5 digital-first publishing practices law reviews are starting to adopt and the benefits for legal scholars

For law reviews and submitting authors to harness all the content optimization possibilities of the modern web, it's essential to begin thinking and operating digital first. Here are five places to start with examples.

3 Tips for picking your next law review article topic

With so many possible law review article topic ideas to pursue and so little time before the next submission cycle, how can you effectively weigh your options and know when you've landed on the right one? Here are three tips from former editors.

Advice from outgoing law review editors 2022: Part 2

Looking for guidance on how to navigate the different stages of the law review submission cycle? Why not look to seasoned editors for insights? In this second of a two-part series, outgoing e-boards share dos and don'ts for new editors and submitting authors.

Advice from outgoing law review editors 2022: Part 1

What key takeaways do outgoing law review editors have when it comes to organizing article selection workflows and allocating tasks effectively? And what do they consider to be the hallmarks of standout submissions? We round up top pieces of advice in this blog post.

Anonymous law review submissions 101 and how it works on Scholastica

What does it mean to have an anonymous law review article selection process, and what are the benefits for editors and authors? We walk through everything you need to know about anonymous law review article selection in this blog post.

How to prepare for your law review's article selection using Scholastica

Successful law review article selection all comes down to one thing, preparation. In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know to get ready for the next submission season using Scholastica based on our experience helping hundreds of law reviews optimize their workflows.