Law review submission season is coming fast, and with it so are countless journal opening announcements and submissions updates to follow! We know it’s not always convenient for authors to keep checking different websites to stay on top of the latest submissions news, so we’ve introduced a simple hashtag Scholastica’s law review Twitter community can use to communicate more easily with all legal authors who are active on Twitter. Have you seen #LawSubS15?

This submission season law reviews can use #LawSubS15 to promote tweets announcing:

  • when journal submissions will open/close
  • anticipated reading and decision timeframes
  • submissions tips for authors
  • new articles, issues, and supplementary content

Legal authors can stay up-to-date on current submissions news by searching for tweets tagged which #LawSubS15. Scholastica will be retweeting all submissions announcements made by law reviews that use the hashtag in addition to tweeting all Scholastica user law review openings as they occur from @scholasticaLR.

Of course, if you want to get a bird’s-eye view of all journal openings, you can also visit our automatically updating law reviews table. Search and sort the table to find law review openings by journal title and category.

We hope these resources are helpful to you! As always feel free to contact with any questions.