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It’s about that time again—law review submission season is kicking into high gear! As authors prepare to send out their submissions, and editors to make final article decisions, we wanted to provide a few resources to help along the way.

Below is a list of guides and motivational articles for law review editors and authors. We invite you to share your thoughts and additional helpful links on Twitter by using the hashtag #LRSubmissions!

Resources for Law Review Editors:

Above the Law, How to Get Law Journal Work Done Without Losing Your Mind

Work, work, work, and a side of more reading—this can be the experience of most law review editors. There is a way to stay sane though! Alison Monahan, founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, is here to help.

Scholastica Blog, Law review advice from a former editor and current legal scholar

Entering law review is an exciting experience for new editors, but also one that can be filled with uncertainty about what to expect. We caught up with Ozan Varol, Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School and former editor-in-chief of the Iowa Law Review to get advice on what to look out for as a new editor to ensure you have a successful submission season.

Fordham University, 15 Common BlueBooking Errors and Hints

For those who are using the 19th edition of the Blue Book to edit this year’s submissions, here is a quick tip sheet from Fordham University Law Review with some common dos and don’ts.

The Girl’s Guide to Law School, How to Write a Law Review Note Worthy of Publication: Choosing a Theme

Kudos for being chosen for law review! Now it’s time to make your mark with a student note or comment. Jonathan Burns, 2014 graduate of Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law, shares advice on how to choose a topic.

Western New England College School of Law, Guide to Writing a Student Law Review Note

For an even more expansive guide to taking your law note from idea to publication, visit Professor of Law Emeritus Leora Harpaz’s page.

Stanford Law School, Build Your CV

This Stanford guide offers some advice on how to start building your CV and planning for future publication aspirations while you’re still on law review.

Maryland Appellate Blog, How Twitter Can Save Law Review

Law reviews live on readership. Once you’ve compiled your final publication be sure to promote it! Appellate litigator Steve Keppler explains the benefits of strong social media presences for law reviews as a way to share legal scholarship with a wider audience and bring authors and editors closer together.

Ms. JD, Conquering the Writing Competition and Law Review

Here’s a quick boost for those of you looking to get into law review next year. It is never too early to start preparing!

Resources for Submitting Authors:

Columbia Law School, Academic Writing and Publishing

The pressure to publish is a major factor in entering academia and thriving. Columbia Law provides authors with some useful tips on how to lay out an article and home in on a topic.

University of Washington Gallagher Law Library, Writing for and Publishing in Law Reviews Finding and Developing Topics

A great law review article starts with a great idea. This Gallagher Law Library Guide offers avenues to find sources for article research and use them to determine a central topic.

PrawfsBlawg, Interview with a Law Review Article Submissions Editor

Dave Fagundes catches up with Carl Engstrom, of the Minnnesota Law Review, to ask him some questions based on common author inquiries and concerns during the law review submission process. While this interview dates back to 2011, the process Engstrom describes for editors and authors remains much the same.

Scholastica Blog, Home Run Law Review Submissions: Tips For Authors

Are you ready to hit your law review submissions out of the park this season? Like home runs in baseball, home run submissions are the result of one hit, one shot at publication. To help you get ahead of the game, we reached out to two law review editors to see what tips they have to improve your chances of getting an article accepted.

Time Saving Resources for Everyone

The Muse, 13 Reads that Will Save You Tons of Time

Finally, because everyone is strapped for time…here are some additonal resources to help editors and authors stay organized, on track, and even more productive.

We hope these articles are helpful to you!

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