Image: Fall 2015 Twitter submissions hashtag
Image: Fall 2015 Twitter submissions hashtag

After awaiting fall law review submissions with fervent anticipation, on a level somewhere between that of Christmas morning and the eve of the Bar Exam, submission season is finally here! Now’s the time for editors to spread the word about submissions and for authors to begin tracking journal openings to determine when and where to submit their article. So, what’s the best way to announce and track law review openings?

Use this year’s Scholastica submissions Twitter hashtag: #LRSubmissionsF15!

We know it can be a hassle for authors to have to search the web for law review openings on individual journal websites, and it can be difficult for journals to announce their open dates to a wide pool of authors. That’s why we introduced the Scholastica law review submissions opening hashtag.

This fall, the Scholastica team and Scholastica’s journal users will indicate submission season announcement tweets by including the hashtag: #LRSubmissionsF15. Authors can search for this year’s hashtag via the Twitter search bar to easily access a list of all of the latest law review submissions announcements.

Law review editors will be using #LRSubmissionsF15 to:

  • alert authors when their journal opens for submissions
  • announce reading and decision timeframes
  • promote new issues and other journal news

Scholastica will be tweeting and retweeting journal openings and helpful submission season resources on Twitter via @scholasticaLR.

If you’re ready to submit your article and want to quickly see which journals are open, be sure to also check out Scholastica’s law review submissions table. Using this automatically-updating table you can search and sort law reviews to see which are open for submissions by journal name and category.

We hope you find these resources helpful! Please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions!