Save your spot at the free webinar!
Save your spot at the free webinar!

On Friday September 9, 2016 at 10AM EST, the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) and Scholastica are co-hosting a free webinar, “Social Media & Website Optimization for Scholarly Journals.”

In online publishing the role of journals is not just to vet manuscripts and produce scholarly articles, it’s also to take steps to disseminate published research as broadly as possible. The web is full of opportunities for your journal’s articles to be discovered and widely shared among scholars in its field and beyond. It’s also possible, however, for your journal’s articles to get lost in the shuffle of all the new online academic publications out there if you’re not actively promoting your content. If you’re new to the idea of journal promotion, you may be wondering where to begin.

On Friday September 9, 2016 at 10AM EST the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors and Scholastica are co-hosting “Social Media & Website Optimization for Scholarly Journals,” a free live webinar on these two cornerstones of a successful journal promotion strategy.

The webinar will overview:

  • Steps to optimize your journal website design to help scholars find articles relevant to them
  • How to use social media profiles to increase awareness of your journal
  • Examples from journals with successful online promotion strategies

Your journal website and social media profiles are two of the best promotion platforms you can use because they’re versatile, offer endless opportunities to share your articles and announcements, and best of all they’re essentially free! Now’s the time to start building out these promotion strategies and this webinar will be full of steps to help you do it.

Getting to know the guest speakers

We’re delighted to announce the following webinar guest speakers:

  • Katie Murphy, Assistant Managing Editor and Social Media Manager with the American Heart Association, Genetics in Medicine, and the FASEB journal:

If you were at this year’s ISMTE North American conference in Philadelphia, PA you may have seen or wanted to attend Katie’s session “Social Media: How to Make it Work for Your Publication.” Either way, you’ll want to register for the webinar to learn from Katie’s social media strategies. She’ll be touching on some of the topics she covered during her ISMTE presentation as well as additional advice for journals at all stages of social media promotion.

  • Johan Rooryck, Editor-in-Chief of Glossa:

You may have read about the launch of Glossa last November when the editorial board of Lingua decided to start an alternative journal due to Elsevier’s refusal to make Lingua open access. Johan helped lead the successful launch of Glossa and was a key decision maker in terms of how to approach all aspects of the new publication, including its website. During the webinar he will share aspects of Glossa’s journal website that make it stand out from other publications and improve its reading experience, which you can apply to your journal.

Join the webinar discussion - #JournalEdsChat

Do you have specific questions about journal promotion that you’d like the speakers to address during the webinar? Let us know by using the hashtag #JournalEdsChat! You can tweet your questions to us at @scholasticahq and @ISMTE with the hashtag #JournalEdsChat before and during the webinar. We’ll be fielding your questions after the main presentations.

We’ll also be hosting a #JournalEds Chat Twitter chat as a follow up to the webinar on Friday September, 16!

During the follow up Twitter chat Scholastica and ISMTE will lead an open discussion about the webinar and journal promotion in general. To join the conversation just follow the webinar hashtag - #JournalEdsChat and start asking and answering questions by using that hashtag in all your tweets. We look forward to chatting with you!

We also invite you to check out Scholastica’s new digital handbooks series “Scholarly Journal Promotion 101.” It’s a series of 3 free guides on how to: develop a journal Twitter presence, launch a publication blog, & optimize website content. The handbooks are a great companion to the upcoming webinar with lots of real life journal promotion strategies and examples that you can apply to your publication.

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