Law review submission season is here - and we’ve got some great updates to Scholastica’s article submission form to share with you just in time!

We know authors are busy and we want to help make article submission as fast and easy as possible. The new article submission form has some great features to do just that. Read on to get the details of the completely redesigned law review submission form.

Improved journal and specialty area viewing, plus work automatically saved in browser

Image: Selecting law reviews to submit to

We know submitting to law reviews can take time. Authors have to carefully assess all of the law reviews out there and decide which mix is the best fit for their article. The new submission form will help to ease this process.

Now, rather than having to scroll through a page of law reviews two at a time, you’ll be able to choose from journals displayed in rows of five. The new submission form also features a persistent top navigation bar, so if you decide you want to search for a specific journal or select a different law review specialty area you no longer have to scroll back to the top of the page. When you’re selecting law reviews, you’ll also notice that each journal’s specialty area is now listed below the publication cover image, so you can quickly see all of the specialty areas a law review is interested in publishing and which journals may have better specialty crossovers for your particular article.

We’ve also added local storage across the entire law review submission form to ensure you don’t lose your work if you accidentally navigate away from the page, or if you need to leave your computer and come back to your submission later. Now, if you refresh or close the page while filling out the submission form, as long as you’re on the same computer or device, you can simply log back into Scholastica via the browser you were previously using for submissions and pick up where you left off.

Improved submission form fields and confirmation page

Image: Copy keywords into submission form

The new submission form also features improved submission fields. We’ve added the ability to copy and paste keywords into the form, so you no longer have to type them all out and worry about potential misspelling.

We’ve also made CV upload a required field, per the request of editors. Most student-edited law reviews require CVs, and we wanted to be sure that authors don’t miss out on publication because they’ve left out this often-necessary submission component. Hopefully this will help reduce back-and-forth among authors and editors trying to get additional files after an article has been submitted, and make it easier for law review articles to move into the review process in a timely fashion.

With the new submission form, once you’ve finished inputting all of your article information, the improved confirmation page makes it easier to quickly view all of the law reviews to which you’ve submitted. On the new confirmation page, rather than having to scroll through a long list to review the journals you selected, you’ll see a grid view of all the journals that you can easily scan prior to submitting.

Responsive design

The new law review submission form also has a responsive design - so you can easily browse journals in the law review submission pool and even make article submissions on the go via your mobile or tablet devices.

We hope you enjoy these new features! As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at