Tag:new features

New features to help you tailor your journal's peer review and publishing process, including: reviewer tags, Digital Object Identifier metadata, and custom journal subdomains.

Some great updates to Scholastica's article submission form just in time for law review submission season.

We've rebuilt publishing from the ground up to make it even more efficient for your journal, with new functionality and an improved design.

Scholastica co-founder Rob Walsh shares the benefits of Scholastica's new journal dashboard and a bit about how passionate we are about implementing incremental improvements.

Scholastica has integrated with electronic pre-print repository arXiv. Now journals in fields supported by arXiv can choose to allow authors to import their submissions via arXiv links.

This month, we updated Scholastica's journal profile pages, giving them a more modern look and feel and enhanced in-page editing functionality.

Scholastica manuscript decisions just got revamped. Now decision making is a simple 3-step process, including functionality for editors to edit referee comments.

We've rolled out some great features including: bulk manuscript tagging, the ability for editors to upload files to decision letters, and more.

The Conversation is the destination where scholars in Scholastica can share the latest goings on in academia. Now it's easier for users to spot new Conversation posts and trending topics.

This submission season we've bulked up Scholastica's features to help law review editors and legal authors tackle the heavy lifting of manuscript management more efficiently.