Thanks to all who entered the #LawRevHaiku contest!
Thanks to all who entered the #LawRevHaiku contest!

August through September 25th 2016 Scholastica ran a Twitter contest for the top three law review haikus using the hashtag #LawRevHaiku. We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest! There were many excellent entries and the Scholastica team had a tough time choosing the winners. We hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to embrace the poetic side of submission season. We had a lot of fun reading through everyone’s tweets!

Congratulations to the top 3 winners:

Brian L. Frye @brianlfrye for #LawRevHaiku voted “Best Traditional Haiku”

Tracy Hresko Pearl @proftracypearl for #LawRevHaiku voted “Most Evocative of Submission Season”

Jim Gibson @profjimi for #LawRevHaiku voted “Best Use of Humor”

Thanks again to all who entered, there would be no #LawRevHaiku without you!