Learn key strategies for developing an open access journal publishing program in Scholastica’s free guide, How to publish low-cost, high-quality open access journals online! Get your copy here!

Are you working to develop an open access (OA) journal publishing program at a scholarly association or academic institution?

Whether you’re cultivating an established OA publishing program or you’re starting your first OA journal, you’re sure to have a full plate. As a journal publisher, you have to oversee the entire lifecycle of your publications—from peer review to copyediting to article production to content hosting and dissemination. It’s a lot to manage!

One of the biggest questions at the top of your mind and those of your team members is likely something along the lines of: how can we keep growing and professionalizing our journals program with limited resources?

To find the answers to that question you need to think digital. Publishing professional journals with a small team and limited budget can be challenging. But by employing digitally-driven publishing strategies and processes, you can open up new opportunities to work more efficiently and better serve authors and readers at the same time.

In our new free eBook, “How to publish low-cost, high-quality open access journals online,” we overview how your team can home in on the digital production, hosting, and dissemination strategies you should prioritize to take your journal publishing program to the next level and actually cut time and costs.

This free eBook covers the core elements of digital publishing—machine-readable article production, indexing, archiving, search engine optimization, and user-friendly web design. At the end of this guide you’ll know how to:

  • Develop a modern and efficient article production process that prioritizes human and digitally-compatible mediums
  • Meet industry-wide indexing standards and improve your journals’ indexing outcomes
  • Optimize your journal websites and articles for online readers and search engines
  • Establish a content archiving policy and stick to it

Throughout the eBook we’ve included specific digital publishing examples and “Quick Tip” boxes with links to additional resources. We’ve also included a Digital Journal Publishing Professionalization Checklist that will help you bring all of the lessons in the eBook together to determine where your journals stand in the spectrum of digital publishing professionalization and what steps to take next to develop more digitally-driven publishing processes.

Now is the time for academic institutions and associations to transition to digitally-driven OA publishing models. The introduction of Plan S and other recent mandates promises a more open research future but it also begs the question—who will be able to have their voices heard in the open access publishing landscape?

In the current predominantly corporate-run and print-based publishing system, article processing charges to fund OA research are reaching record heights limiting the publishing potential of scholars who lack access to substantial research funding. It’s up to small academic publishers to develop affordable modern publishing models and introduce much-needed competition to the corporate-dominated publishing landscape in order to foster an affordable and equitable OA future. By following the digital publishing dos and dont’s outlined in this eBook you can publish high-quality OA journals at low cost and disseminate new articles to the widest possible audience.

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