Scholastica announces new production service
Scholastica announces new production service

Scholastica announces the official launch of a new PDF, HTML, and XML production service. Typeset articles are mobile friendly and optimized for indexing and search.

Is article production taking up your team’s time? Whether you’re wrestling to format article text and data tables on your own, or trying to keep track of freelance typesetters, you’re likely exerting more energy on production than you’d like. And you may not be getting the professional article results that you need.

In the past, there have been limited options for article production. Journals could either contract out to a publisher or freelancer, or do it themselves — options that can be expensive and very time-consuming. But, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Today Scholastica announces the official launch of a new PDF, HTML, and XML production service to make typesetting easy and affordable. We use advanced technology to take DOCX manuscripts and accompanying image and data files and turn them into beautiful HTML and PDF articles, as well as full-text XML. Scholastica is able to typeset articles - including complex graphs and tables - quickly and reliably across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

We’ve made it easy to integrate our production service with our peer review system and open access publishing platform, to help journals using multiple Scholastica products streamline their entire publishing process.

Read on for the details of our new production service!

We’ll handle all your typesetting and proofing needs

Scholastica typesets HTML and PDF articles

Gone are the days of your editors struggling to typeset articles on their own or keep track of proof review needs for typeset articles sent from freelancers. Scholastica’s production service handles all article formatting and proofing steps, so you don’t have to worry about managing the process. All you have to do is upload your DOCX manuscripts and accompanying files to Scholastica and we’ll take care of the rest.

Scholastica’s production process is fast and easy:

  1. We take your DOCX manuscript and accompanying files and create PDF, HTML, and XML versions of the article
  2. We send the article proof to the author and work with them to make any necessary edits
  3. We send you beautiful PDF, HTML, and full-text XML article files

Our team does all article text, table, and data formatting digitally, rather than manually creating files in a design editor. As a result, we’re able to produce professional articles more quickly. Scholastica’s typesetting technology can handle even the trickiest of tables and data files. Since we generate tables from real data, rather than inserting images of tables into articles, each one of your articles is sure to look clean and modern.

A 21st-century reading experience for your journal

Typeset articles are published on a modern website

As academic research moves online, journals must change to meet the needs of the digital researcher. Scholastica typeset articles give your journal a truly modern reading experience. HTML articles are mobile-friendly and feature the ability to embed videos, graphs, and tables in the text, making your content more engaging.

With Scholastica, you can also be sure that all of your content will show up in online searches. All articles feature machine-readable metadata, making them discoverable via search engines.

Centralize your publishing process

We’ve also made it easy to integrate our production service and OA publishing platform, so OA journals using both don’t have to worry about downloading and re-uploading typeset articles between multiple systems. Typeset articles are sent to your Scholastica account, ready to be published to your modern journal website.

With Scholastica’s OA publishing platform, journals get:

  • Mobile-friendly website designed to meet the needs of modern scholars
  • The ability to integrate with leading archives and indexes and SEO support
  • Publishing analytics, including article download counts, unique website visitors, referring websites, and more

Our OA publishing platform also seamlessly integrates with our peer review system - making it easy to centralize all of your journal management processes.

Putting control of research back in the hands of the academic community

We’ve introduced this new production service to continue our mission to put control of research back into the hands of the academic community. Production has historically been one of the most labor-intensive aspects of journal publishing, making it difficult for small publishers to manage the entire publishing process on their own. By creating a service to simplify the process, we are making it easier for scholarly organizations to publish journals on their terms.

Now journals can single-handedly manage peer review, typeset articles, and publish on a modern website using Scholastica software and services, rather than contracting out to expensive corporate publishers. We’re thrilled to offer a full suite of journal management solutions to help reduce the amount of manual effort and cost involved in running academic journals and encourage community-led OA publishing.

To learn more about Scholastica’s production service visit the about page or contact us at!

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