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We're pleased to announce the Law Editor Learning Center — a one-stop shop for law editors who want to hone their knowledge of how to use Scholastica and, in turn, improve their experience putting their volume together!

Minnesota Journal of International Law Editor-in-Chief Cayla Ebert and Lead Articles Editor Andrew Miles, explain why they think it's important for law reviews to start working on board transitions as early as possible.

Is your e-board considering launching an online supplement to expand your law review's web presence? In this blog post we overview the pros and cons of online supplements and some alternative options.

In his article, Being Latino in the 21st Century: Reexamining Politicized Identity and the Problem of Representation, Marvin Astrada, Professor of Politics and History at NYU, explores the effects of politicization of the Latino identity during and beyond the 2016 presidential election.

Exclusive submission tracks are trendy, but is one right for your law review? We discuss what these special submission tracks entail, which law reviews use them, and what your e-board should consider before establishing your own.

In a recent article published in Touro Law Review, Katharine Schaffzin argues that law reviews should consider transitioning to online-only publishing in order to cut costs and improve the publishing process.

Two attending editors share what they learned at the 2017 National Conference of Law Reviews.

Want expert advice on studying for the bar exam? Check out this transcript from Scholastica's bar prep AMA with Ashley Heidemann, founder of JD Advising.

Ashley Heidemann, Founder of JD Advising, LLC, shares some legal writing do's and don'ts that everyone needs to be reminded of sometimes.

Online Editor at Fordham IPLJ explains how and why their publication launched a podcast.