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Dennis Huber, law professor at Capella University, discusses why he believes SCOTUS should abandon the use of the term corporate personhood and replace it with corporatehood instead.

The U.S. News & World Report top law schools list is based on factors its creators have deemed students should look for in a law school. But do the list results reflect students' actual enrollment choices?

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Why is it that, despite heightened focus on corporate compliance, many firms are still failing to comply with regulation? And what can be done to curb such failures?

We've all heard the phrase, “people are creatures of habit.” It turns out that countries are susceptible to forms of path dependency as well.

Professor Ben Bratman, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, questions whether the Bar Exam is adequately testing students' real-world lawyering skills.

It is becoming more important than ever for early-career lawyers to understand e-discovery technologies and best practices.

Since the dawn of social networking website Myspace in 2003, trial attorney John Browning has been researching and writing about the impact of social media in the law.

LegalEd is helping professors free up class time for practice-based learning by turning lectures into homework assignments.

Notre Dame Law adjunct professor Ken Adams is not afraid to change up the status quo in contract drafting, both in what he teaches and how he teaches it.