Scholastica ( has launched an all-new law review submissions process to help legal scholars identify which law reviews are best-suited for their article.

“Across all the different ways to submit to law reviews, we’ve heard the same complaints from authors and law review editors,” said Scholastica CEO, Brian Cody. “Editors often feel overwhelmed with submissions that don’t meet their submission guidelines, and authors don’t feel they have the best tools at their fingertips to quickly select the best journals for their articles.”

“At its root, the problem is that authors have to decide which journals are the best fit for the article – but when it comes time to submit, all they see is a never-ending list of law review names and checkboxes, and that’s just not enough to make the best decision.”

The new Scholastica submission process makes a journal more than just a name in a list. Now, authors see the journal’s institutional affiliation, an excerpt of the journal’s description (with a link to read the rest), and a quick view of the journal’s submission guidelines. Authors also see each journal’s cover image, making it easier to find the journal you’re looking for at a glance.

“We think this is a huge improvement for authors and law reviews. Authors can easily learn more about the journal they are considering submitting their article to, and journals are now able to display their unique strengths to authors in a way that wasn’t possible before,” says Mr. Cody. “We want authors to be able to learn about new journals, and be able to decide quickly and easily which journals are really best suited for the author’s article.”

Scholastica’s new law submission workflow boasts several unique features:

  1. Focus on law reviews that are currently open for submissions: In the new submission workflow, journals are separated into two sections: those currently accepting submissions and those that aren’t. Authors can click a link to read a message from the journal about when they plan to open submissions again.

  2. Easily submit to additional law reviews: Law review begin accepting submissions at different times, so Scholastica makes it easy to submit a manuscript to additional reviews over time with just the click of a button.

  3. Manage requests for expedited decisions: An author can send expedited decision requests to all journals that are currently reviewing her article quickly and easily. Authors can also send expedited decision requests to an individual journal.

You can find a pdf version of this press release here