As I sit here melting in the heat, I can understand the recent urge to make ecological comparisons when talking and writing about academia (and specifically academic publishing). Sometimes it seems like the delicate ecosystem (to borrow Andy Woodworth’s term) that is academic publishing is at some kind of melting point, just like our current summer weather. Major changes are clearly on their way, and those of us in research, teaching, and publishing have already begun to ask some important questions. Are we looking at different research venues? What about open access publications (a contested topic for sure)? Is it the end of paper publications for journals? How are we (students, faculty, librarians, publishers) deciding what research is necessary to have access to or not? ‘Cause the one thing we all want is knowledge of and access to research, publications, and people–and we want it to all happen in a healthy, happy, and equitable academic ecosystem.

– Mary

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